Meet the owners + the love birds behind it all…

Filmmaker: Christian Lopez + Photographer: Kristen Lopez 


One of the most important days of your life could be captured by a couple that’s also in love. We're Kristen and Christian Lopez; a husband and wife wedding team based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We will capture the fun, romance, and raw emotions of your wedding day and we might even become your friends! We're high school sweethearts that tied the knot on September 7, 2013. Every day since then we have been working together towards our dreams of running our own creative businesses. We officially launched our brands, Dearly Beloved Weddings along with our other media company, Prevailed Studios, LLC in 2017.

We have photographed 100+ weddings so far and it's been such a blessing. With every moment we capture we learn something new about our talents and what we’re passionate about. Christian and I find so much joy in capturing the pure love and joy of marriage. Dearly Beloved provides a beautiful mix of traditional and photojournalistic candid styles of photography and filmmaking. We strive to be storytellers and we'd love to tell your love story! 

Happily serving the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, Philadelphia, and the tri-state area.
Available to travel anywhere in the US and the world!

Meet the Team

Associate Photographer + Second Shooter: Jollette Merino

lead Associate Photographer + second shooter: Jollette M.

  • Mom of two boys + married to her middle school sweetheart Louis

  • She’s been taking photos for 5+ years and it all started when her son was born

  • Although she started shooting Canon, she’s #teamnikon + has a D750

  • She’s an amazing baker, medicine woman, and also makes her own kombucha

  • Has a Darth Vader tattoo (there’s a cool story behind it, ask her!)

  • DBW shot my wedding back in 2014!


Associate Photographer +
Second Shooter: Amanda B.

  • Married 10 years + mom to a sweet little boy + the cutest little red head

  • Was actually a school teacher for years, but one day decided it was time to pursue her passion of photography + graphic design

  • An ironman triathlete!

  • Has loved photography for over 15 years, and got her first SLR when she was 18.

  • Loves to cook, knit + draw

  • Also, a #teamnikon photographer


associate Filmmaker + video editor: 
Wayne B.

  • First started getting into videography by filming skateboarding + editing videos for friends +
    local skate shops

  • Has already owned 4 cameras just this year, but has finally decided to stick to his Sony a7sii for a long time...

  • In love with the process of creating films. There’s something very satisfying about finding the right music, effects and timing to tell a story

  • Also dabbles in graphic design, mainly motion graphics

  • Loves trying new food’s and going to different restaurants, (the hole in the wall ones are his favorite)


second shooter: 
Desiree G.

  • Married to a former book seller for one year in April, but together for almost 8 years! 

  • Lover of all things
    self-help and
    personal growth.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology + pursing her creative passion for photography.

  • Full-time mental health/developmental disabilities case manager.

  • Frequent concert goer + coffee drinker.

  • Doesn’t shoot Nikon…. yet. #teamcanon

  • DBW shot my
    wedding in 2018!