A Vineyard Wedding at Folino Estate | Berks County Wedding Photographer

Tyler & Olivia | Folino Estate Wedding

Olivia and Tyler’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. They got married at Folino Estate Winery in Kutztown, Pennsylvania (one of our favorite venues). The weather was ideal, the dress and all the details were perfect, but most importantly the bride and groom were most excited about just finally becoming husband and wife in a couple of hours.

We started the day at Tyler and Olivia’s home, where we began photographing and filming the groom. One of my favorite moments from a typical wedding day is seeing the groom for the first time and just watching as he nervously and axoiously gets ready. It always seems like on that day, even though he has tied a tie at least a dozen times… on his wedding day he just can’t seem to get it right. So, his guys jump in to his rescue. Ahhhh the good old wedding day jitters.

After some time with the groom, we headed to the bride’s parent’s house, where the bride and her girls were getting ready. It was actually really sweet to watch the bride get ready with her mom at the same place she grew up. Emotions were definitely high. To top things off… the father of the bride built this sweet swing in their backyard just for Olivia. So, of course we had to take some photos of the swing. I’m a real sucker for daddy and daughter moments. Olivia and her father definitely had a strong relationship and you could just tell that he was just as excited for his daughter.

Off to the ceremony. where there was golden light literally covering every inch of the vineyard at Folino Estate. There was just the right amount of wind the the light was making the ceremony glow. Ugh it was too good. Then… as Olivia walks down the aisle, Tyler takes a deep breath and tears run down his face. THE BEST MOMENT EVER when capturing weddings is this right here. It’s obvious the love they have for each other was all that mattered that day and Tyler has been waiting for this moment for his entire life.

After the most romantic ceremony, we spent some time taking photos in the vineyard and the chemistry between these two was unreal. We hardly had to prompt them to do a thing! This is the time of the day where we like to remind you of the importance of just soaking it all in. You are finally husband and wife. You can definitely see it in their photos and wedding film that they were just embracing their time together. It truly was a beautiful thing to capture. We're so glad to have been able to capture the pure and authentic love Tyler and Olivia have for each other.


Garden Wedding in Hazleton, Pennsylvania | Luzerne County Wedding Photographer

Richard & Gina | Carmen's Country Inn & Gardens

When I think back to Richard and Gina’s wedding day there are a few key things that come to mind… family, strength, love and laughter. It was an emotional wedding for sure. If I remember correctly there was a lot of rain and it was so hot during the weeks leading up to their wedding day. Gina didn’t seem to worry about it though. Gina’s father passed away when she was a teenager, however on her wedding day Gina was certain that her father was looking down on her from above and that he would give her perfect weather for her special day. So what do you think happened? Richard and Gina had the most beautiful summer day. It was partly cloudy and about 75 degrees. Just the right amount of sunlight glared into their photos together after the first look. It truly was a beautiful thing to witness and you could feel all of her emotions.

Richard and Gina were surrounded by so much loving family, much like most couples on their wedding day, but this time was different… when the bride and groom felt joy, you could feel the joy of the whole room. When they felt sadness, the whole room cried with them. You can tell that their relationship is deeply rooted on the strength they get from their family and loved ones. I won’t forget the heavy moments of Gina hugging her mother ad they remembered her dad and how much he would be wanted to be there. So many genuine moments. Not only was the room filled with love, but it was most definitely filled with SO MUCH LAUGHTER! To this day I remember all the laughs at Richard and Gina’s wedding. Gina in particular had the greatest laugh and the most genuine smile that could light up a room.

These are the moments that make our job so meaningful. We were there to capture every single one of those emotions and it was freaking awesome.


Bridal Gown Boutique: RK BRIDAL

Groom's Suit/Tuxedo: Suitsupply

Hair Styling & Makeup: Alisha Nycole & Co.

DJ/Band: Ultimate Sound DJs

Florist: silksNmore

Cake Baker: Carmen's Country Kitchen

Vitaly & Natalie | Iceland Elopement Photographer & Videographer

Vitaly & Natalie | Iceland Elopement

Back in October, Christian and I had the incredible opportunity to photograph and film our first elopement. We attended a workshop for wedding photographers and filmmakers called “The Osmosis Workshop”. It was lead by the incredibly talented husband and wife teams Maru Films and Kreativ Wedding. At this workshop we learned SO much about storytelling and capturing authentic emotional moments. Riccardo Fasoli, filmmaker at Kreativ Wedding has been an inspiration to Christian for a long time. His editing style and technique are really cinematic and unique. We try to model our work after this type of style. So you know Christian was so excited when he was finally able to see how Riccardo captures a wedding, and really atcha the master at work. I also got to work with his wife Anne Ansellman, an AMAZING photojournalistic wedding photographer. We both learned about their creative process and were able to dive deeper into what it means to be a photographer/filmmaker that truly captures the REAL moments. I cannot even being to express how much we gained from this workshop. We met some incredibly people from all over the world too! We returned home feeling inspired and ready to make some important changes to Dearly Beloved.

Okay okay… back to the couple in Iceland.

Vitaly and Natalie were such an amazing couple to work with. They traveled from Germany to experience Iceland together. Let me tell you, Iceland is SO BEAUTIFUL! There are sheep roaming everywhere, mossy grounds, black sand beaches and stunning backdrops of snow capped mountains. Yes it was cold and very VERY windy, but so beautiful that it didn’t even matter. We began the day by capturing the getting moments at a hotel in Hellnar, Iceland. When you walked out of the room that Natalie, the bride, was getting ready in… there was literally a stunning mountain with a full rainbow going across it right outside the door. INCREDIBLE! After capturing the emotions and the excitement while getting for both the bride and groom, we went off to the first look, then some portraits on the black sand beach. We also got to watch step-by-step how Maru Films and Kreativ Wedding would capture a wedding ceremony. We learned a lot from that. And of course it was definitely funny to see that Christian and I aren’t the only ones that bicker and get in each other’s shots on a wedding day. Haha! Perks of being a husband and wife team though is that you can just tell each other to move! After the ceremony we ended the shoot with an awesome sunset in this open field. The light couldn’t have been more perfect. Those were definitely some of my favorite shots from the whole trip.

The best part about our time in Iceland was not the landscape and the scenery, but being able to capture such authentic love and emotion from our couple, Vitaly and Natalie. We didn’t have to prompt them at all. Their love and feelings for each other just created all the magic we needed. There is something so beautiful and unique about intimate elopements, instead of the traditional weddings we shoot a lot. Although we love regular weddings, sometimes couples tend to forget to reply soak in each other’s love and take it all in. There’s too much to worry about; guests, decorations, the music, the food, etc. Whereas with an elopement it really just about the couple. That’s it. Just YOU + the one you love and are going to spend the rest of your life with.

If traditional weddings aren’t for you… that’s totally okay! Eleopements are not any less special or meaningful that a traditional wedding, because at the end of the day you’re married to your best friend. Another thing they have in common is that you defineitly need amazing photos and video to remember it. And well… that’s where we come in.

Cannot wait for all the elopements and destinations we have yet to capture. All the stories left to tell. We’re so excited for what’s in store for Dearly Beloved and all the amazing couples we have yet to meet.

—Kristen and Christian

Times Square at Night Couples Session | New York City Wedding Photographer

Will & Tiffany | A Night in Times Square, New York City

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE New York City! We’ve visited lots of big cities in the country and to me, nothing compares to New York City. So of course when we met Tiffany and Will we couldn’t think of a better spot to photograph them than in the heart of Times Square. This couple was so much fun to photograph simply because of all their curly hair! These two complemented each other so well and their chemistry was amazing. They laughed so much together, but also had no problem getting lovey dovey either. They danced in the street, snuggled up next to a cab, and even enjoyed a classic NYC soft pretzel together. I know that when these two get married someday… it’s going to be fire.

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DUMBO Engagement Session | Brooklyn, New York Wedding Photographer

Chris & Ashley | Brooklyn Engagement Session

Ashley and Chris have had to endure a semi-long distance relationship for quite some time now. Ashley lives in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania and Chris is currently living in Queens, New York City. So their date nights often take place in the city and there’s lots of driving back and forth. Because both of them have a love for the city and it’s actually where Chris proposed, we had to take their photos in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has so much history and the beautiful backdrop of the Manhattan bridge just cant be beat.

Winter Woodsy Engagement Session | Belfast, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Matt & Natalia | A Woodsy Winter Engagement

Matt and Natalia are originally from the Poconos, Pennsylvania, but now live in Washington… that’s practically across the country! It was important that they had their wedding in Pennsylvania where all their friends and family are, but this made the planning a bit more tricky. Planning a wedding is already no joke, but planning a wedding from across the country is probably even more stressful. We made plenty of attempts to setup an engagement session way before the wedding, but something always came up.

Soooo… this engagement session actually took place the week of Matt and Natalia’s wedding. Which was not typical for us, but it actually made the shoot extra fun! The fact that they were only a few days away from becoming husband and wife and I got to capture that excitement, was pretty special. Sometimes I even felt that the shoot was actually a good way for them to take a step back and remember what this wedding was all about. They laughed and they enjoyed some quiet moments together in the woods of Jacobsburg State Park. It was pretty awesome! After the shoot, I knew that we were in for a treat on their wedding day. These two are the real deal.


Ocean City Beach Sunrise Engagement Session | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Zach & Brianna’s Sunrise Engagement Session

Where do I begin with this awesome shoot! Brianna and Zach recently booked us to shoot their wedding in New Jersey in 2019. Typically for most of our couples, engagement sessions take place in the Lehigh Valley area. Well Brianna and Zach had a really special place that they wanted to capture these moments before their wedding next year… Ocean City, New Jersey. They've taken lots of trips there together for many years, so of course we said yes! About a week before the photo shoot in New Jersey, Brianna and I spoke on the phone about some outfit changes and different spots on the beach she'd like to shoot at. All sounded good until she said the word… "sunrise". 

If you know me you know I am definitely not a morning person and usually can't function before 8 AM. So yes, I was super excited for this photo shoot, but not so excited about waking up early. But what the heck… I thought if sunset is awesome, sunrise should be too. So Brianna and I kept chatting and I made one condition for the photo shoot, sort of motivation for me to get out of bed so early, they needed to be willing to get in the ocean. We agreed that at the end of the photo shoot they would get completely in the water and end with some seriously romantic, playful, wet, and sandy shots.

So Christian and I booked a hotel for like 100 bucks and made the trip the night before. 5 AM rolled around and we were ready to go, sort of. It was a gloomy morning so we weren't really sure what to expect as far as a sunrise and what kind of light we get for these photos. As we dove closer and closer to the shore, there was this giant orange circle in the sky—the sun! It was incredible! This light was so gorgeous! And waking up so early was beyond worth it!

Check out some of our favorite moments and stay tune for their save the date video. They are such an awesome couple and we cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year.