Natalia + Matt | Winter Wedding in the Poconos

Natalia and Matt  - Pocono Mountain Wedding at Trout Lake

This wedding was one of our favorites! It was an awesome way for us to finish out our 2018 wedding photography and videography season. Natalia and Matt live in Washington, so planning was a bit tricky. However, with the distance from their home time in the Poconos and dealing with the time difference, this couple managed to plan such a beautiful from afar. They nailed it! Throughout the planing process, Natalia and I didn’t really talk too much about colors, themes, and style for their wedding. So I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect when we arrived the day of the wedding. The only thing I did know was that she was a super laid back bride and they both loved more of the “moodier vibes”. So I knew I was in for a surprise. 

When Christian, Jollette and I arrived to start with the getting ready photos, we began to notice all of the awesome details Natalia had planned for their day. She was definitely into the more moody style. All of her bridesmaids looked beautiful in black long dresses, but each of them were also rocking a leather jacket to go with it. Natalia’s dress was also stunning! It was a simple, elegant white gown with a flowing train and a deep “V” in the front and back. She even incorporated sentimental pieces of jewelry that represented her family and her culture. 

The flowers were amazing too! The girls didn’t have bouquets, but instead they had floral hoops. They were metal rings, almost like a small wreath for each bridesmaid to hold. The flowers were arranged in a crescent moon shape on each hoop. Then, the bride’s bouquet was adorned with deep red flowers to add some color.

We arrived at the groom’s getting ready location and to our surprise Matt was wearing a dark red suit. How cool is that?!  We love those non-traditional touches to weddings that really show the unique character and personalties of the couples.

After all of the getting ready events, we were off to the wedding ceremony at St. Ann’s in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. It was such a beautiful ceremony filled with lots of emotion. We photographed all the family photos outside of the church, then headed to an abandoned train station nearby for some photos.

It was EPIC! The rust, metal, graffiti and gritty textures at the train station real complemented the colors in the wedding and was the perfect setting for the vibe Natalia and Matt were hoping to capture in their wedding photography and videography. Natalia and Matt were so authentic and definitely had no problem being themselves in front of the camera. This allowed us to capture real and romantic moments. To top off the couples portrait time, it ended with the train coming by and us capturing the BEST moment off them kissing as the train went by.

After all the portraits, the night continued at Trout Lake wedding venue. They were surrounded by friends and loved ones on the dance floor. They shared traditions and laughter with their guests. It was such a beautiful night for a beautiful couple.

This one was definitely one for the books. So happy to have been able to photograph and film Natalia and Matt’s wedding! Check out some of our favorite moments from their wedding day.


Photographed by Kristen Lopez
Filmed by Christian Lopez