Jodi + Zach | Becca + Jeff | Page, Arizona Elopements

Jollette and I had the opportunity to travel to Page, Arizona to attend the Adventurers Workshop, hosted by Maddie Mae and The Hearnes. It was an incredible learning experience and not to mention the scenery was gorgeous. I’ve heard a lot about Arizona, and I knew there were a few key spots… but EVERYWHERE we went in Arizona was gorgeous. We drove through Phoenix, a land covered in giant cacti, then Flagstaff, where it was snowing, and then finally we arrived in Page. We were surrounded by red rocks and stunning desert-like landscapes.

While attending the workshop, we got to hike through some slot canyons and photograph two different couples. Jollette focused on taking photos, while I shot video for the first time on my own!

This whole experience was unforgettable, from the knowledge and information shared from Maddie and Abbi to the real experience we gained shooting an elopement… we truly gained a lot from this trip. Below are some photos Jollette and I captured and my videos too!

Kristen’s Photos + Videos

Jollette’s Photos