Brianna + Zachary | Valley of Fire, Las Vegas, Nevada | Intimate Desert Elopement Photographer

March 9, 2019: What an emotional weekend it was. Even months and months later, as I was choosing what images to include in this blog post… I STILL was all teary-eyed. Our hearts are so full after capturing this special elopement. Our best friends Brianna and Zachary got married! When they asked us back around Christmas 2018, we obviously couldn’t say no. It was a total secret and only a few family members knew.

Let me tell you guys, elopement ceremonies in general are super emotional and intimate, but this one had us all in tears of joy. Christian has known Brianna since the 4th grade and after being in @acousticpursuit together, we all became so close. Knowing each other’s journey and highs and lows of life made capturing this moment for them that much more amazing and special. Not to mention they chose to elope at the incredible Valley of Fire! Elopements will always have a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to be able to photograph and film more of them in the future.

So happy for @brianna_acoustic and @zmartin421 !
They both deserved this incredible day filled with so much love.

Officiant: @florapopshop
Hair and Makeup: @dolledupbydani
Floral: @magnoliaandlace
Dress: @davidsbridal @galina.couture

Photographed by Kristen Lopez
Filmed by Christian Lopez

Elopement Highlight Video - Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Jodi + Zach | Becca + Jeff | Page, Arizona Elopements

Jollette and I had the opportunity to travel to Page, Arizona to attend the Adventurers Workshop, hosted by Maddie Mae and The Hearnes. It was an incredible learning experience and not to mention the scenery was gorgeous. I’ve heard a lot about Arizona, and I knew there were a few key spots… but EVERYWHERE we went in Arizona was gorgeous. We drove through Phoenix, a land covered in giant cacti, then Flagstaff, where it was snowing, and then finally we arrived in Page. We were surrounded by red rocks and stunning desert-like landscapes.

While attending the workshop, we got to hike through some slot canyons and photograph two different couples. Jollette focused on taking photos, while I shot video for the first time on my own!

This whole experience was unforgettable, from the knowledge and information shared from Maddie and Abbi to the real experience we gained shooting an elopement… we truly gained a lot from this trip. Below are some photos Jollette and I captured and my videos too!

Kristen’s Photos + Videos

Jollette’s Photos

Vitaly & Natalie | Iceland Elopement Photographer & Videographer

Vitaly & Natalie | Iceland Elopement

Back in October, Christian and I had the incredible opportunity to photograph and film our first elopement. We attended a workshop for wedding photographers and filmmakers called “The Osmosis Workshop”. It was lead by the incredibly talented husband and wife teams Maru Films and Kreativ Wedding. At this workshop we learned SO much about storytelling and capturing authentic emotional moments. Riccardo Fasoli, filmmaker at Kreativ Wedding has been an inspiration to Christian for a long time. His editing style and technique are really cinematic and unique. We try to model our work after this type of style. So you know Christian was so excited when he was finally able to see how Riccardo captures a wedding, and really atcha the master at work. I also got to work with his wife Anne Ansellman, an AMAZING photojournalistic wedding photographer. We both learned about their creative process and were able to dive deeper into what it means to be a photographer/filmmaker that truly captures the REAL moments. I cannot even being to express how much we gained from this workshop. We met some incredibly people from all over the world too! We returned home feeling inspired and ready to make some important changes to Dearly Beloved.

Okay okay… back to the couple in Iceland.

Vitaly and Natalie were such an amazing couple to work with. They traveled from Germany to experience Iceland together. Let me tell you, Iceland is SO BEAUTIFUL! There are sheep roaming everywhere, mossy grounds, black sand beaches and stunning backdrops of snow capped mountains. Yes it was cold and very VERY windy, but so beautiful that it didn’t even matter. We began the day by capturing the getting moments at a hotel in Hellnar, Iceland. When you walked out of the room that Natalie, the bride, was getting ready in… there was literally a stunning mountain with a full rainbow going across it right outside the door. INCREDIBLE! After capturing the emotions and the excitement while getting for both the bride and groom, we went off to the first look, then some portraits on the black sand beach. We also got to watch step-by-step how Maru Films and Kreativ Wedding would capture a wedding ceremony. We learned a lot from that. And of course it was definitely funny to see that Christian and I aren’t the only ones that bicker and get in each other’s shots on a wedding day. Haha! Perks of being a husband and wife team though is that you can just tell each other to move! After the ceremony we ended the shoot with an awesome sunset in this open field. The light couldn’t have been more perfect. Those were definitely some of my favorite shots from the whole trip.

The best part about our time in Iceland was not the landscape and the scenery, but being able to capture such authentic love and emotion from our couple, Vitaly and Natalie. We didn’t have to prompt them at all. Their love and feelings for each other just created all the magic we needed. There is something so beautiful and unique about intimate elopements, instead of the traditional weddings we shoot a lot. Although we love regular weddings, sometimes couples tend to forget to reply soak in each other’s love and take it all in. There’s too much to worry about; guests, decorations, the music, the food, etc. Whereas with an elopement it really just about the couple. That’s it. Just YOU + the one you love and are going to spend the rest of your life with.

If traditional weddings aren’t for you… that’s totally okay! Eleopements are not any less special or meaningful that a traditional wedding, because at the end of the day you’re married to your best friend. Another thing they have in common is that you defineitly need amazing photos and video to remember it. And well… that’s where we come in.

Cannot wait for all the elopements and destinations we have yet to capture. All the stories left to tell. We’re so excited for what’s in store for Dearly Beloved and all the amazing couples we have yet to meet.

—Kristen and Christian

Photographs by Kristen Lopez
Film by Christian Lopez

Vitaly + Natalie: Iceland Elopement Film